Session 2B: Nursing Research Journals: Wrestling with the Challenges

Session 2B: Nursing Research Journals: Wrestling with the Challenges

Presenters: Christine Kovach, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, Editor, Research in Gerontological Nursing and Faculty, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Susan J. Henly, PhD, RN, Editor, Nursing Research and Faculty, University of Minnesota
Sean P. Clarke, PhD, Editor, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research and Faculty, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Moderator: Patricia J. Kelly, PhD, MPH, Editor, Public Heath Nursing

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 5, 3:10 pm to 4 pm
Location: Regency Room

1. Analyze the influence of current forces on publication of nursing research reports.
2. Discuss shared concerns of nurse editors regarding efforts to publish high quality nursing research reports.
3. Describe potential solutions to shared problems regarding efforts to publish high quality nursing research reports.

Abstract: Editors of nursing journals and nurse scientists have worked hard to develop strong platforms for research dissemination. Current forces may facilitate or threaten this progress. Panelists will provide an introduction to analyzing some of these forces and discuss implications for nurse editors. Panelists will introduce a framework for the session and act as moderators, and participants will drive the session discussion.

Topics open for discussion include but are not limited to: (a) questions about reporting replication studies and studies with negative findings; (b) when publishing pilot work is worthwhile; (c) the deteriorating state of statistical tables; (d) expectations regarding the reporting of sound mechanisms of action; (e) the extent which guidelines such as CONSORT, PRISMA and COREQ are or should be used; (f) images as results; and (g) use of supplemental digital content. The goals of this session are to share common concerns and solutions and to emerge with beginning plans for future work through INANE to continue supporting the shared goal of enhanced dissemination of high quality research results.

Evaluation: Click here to evaluate this session.

Powerpoint: KOVACH, HENLY, CLARKE Clarke segment INANE 2014

KOVACH, HENLY, & CLARKE Henly segment INANE 2014

KOVACH, HENLY, CLARKE Kovach segment INANE 2014

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