Breakout 1C: A Tweet, A Blog, A Podcast: Lessons from Evidence Based Nursing

Session 1C: A Tweet, A Blog, A Podcast: Lessons From Evidence Based Nursing

Presenters: Alison Twycross, PhD, DMS, RN, Editor, Evidence Based Nursing and Faculty, Health and Social Care, London South Bank University, London, UK
Allison Shorten, PhD, RN, RM, FACM, Faculty, Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, CT

Moderator: Rose O. Sherman, EdD, RN, FAAN, Editorial Advisory Board, Nurse Leader

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 5, 2:10 pm to 3 pm
Location: Armory Room


  1. Discuss the benefits of using social media to increase readers’ involvement with their journal.
  2. Identify some of the issues that need considering when using social media in this context. 
  3. Discuss their first hand experience of taking part in an online journal club discussion via Twitter.

Abstract: Background: A 2010 readership survey identified that Evidence Based Nursing (EBN) has two distinct groups of readers; those who opt for a paper copy or who interact with the journal online and through social media. The editorial team aimed to enhance reader involvement with journal content. A social media plan was developed to expand the number of online readers engaging with the journal.

Aim: To examine Evidence Based Nursing journey’s using social media to increase reader involvement.

Method: The workshop will share our experiences of interacting with readers via social media including Twitter,blogs, Twitter hashtag chats (#EBNJchat), and podcasts. The workshop will include a demonstration of how these activities link via the EBN web site through a live Twitter discussion. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their experiences of using social media.

Hoped for outcome: Participants will have an opportunity to debate the challenges and rewards of using social media together with professional journals, and share in lessons learned through the EBN journey. This workshop may help other editors to engage with online journal content to improve knowledge and practice, benefiting patients, staff and wider hospital communities.

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Evalutation: Click here to evaluate this session.

Powerpoint: INANE presentation final Twycross and Shorten

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