INANE 2014 is Underway!

Good evening friends,

INANE 2014 is underway! This afternoon I arrived at the Regency and met up with the members of the planning committee. We unpacked boxes, filled LL Bean bags with great treats and got ready for registration.

Registration was supposed to begin at 5 pm but looking at the stats on zKipster, we had already registered 5 people before we even officially opened! As of right now 75 out of 183 people have registered (the latter number includes guests)–about 41%!

We’ll be opening registration at 8 am (or so) tomorrow morning for folks who want to sign in before a Publishers and Editors meeting. There will be at least one person at the registration desk throughout the day.

Raffle tickets are popular! Everyone who sees the one-of-a-kind green L.L. Bean bag ¬†filled with great goodies, wants to own it! We have no limit on the number of tickets that will be sold so stop by and buy a ticket or two–without a ticket, you’ll never be a winner. Proceeds benefit the Internet Services Workgroup. The drawing will be on Wednesday morning at breakfast.

071413_1708_DetailedPro1.jpgThe weather report for tomorrow is great–perfect weather for a trolley ride. The rides are included as part of your INANE registration so please make sure to hop on the bus. Trolleys will be leaving from the front of the Regency hotel at 1:30, 1:45, 2:15, 3:30, 3:45 and 4:00. Each trolley holds ~32 people. This will be a fun tour with history of the City of Portland and a visit to Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. Don’t miss out!

I am off for dinner…I just realized, I didn’t have any lunch and I am hungry! Have fun this evening, everyone, and see you in the morning!