Cases, Quandaries, and Opportunities!


tax-filing-deadline-hs-companiesI hope that all of us well-organized editor and publisher types are well ahead of the big US tax deadline that looms every year on April 15th, because we have an April 15th deadline of our own: nominations for the MCF Leadership Award for Excellence in Nursing Publication.  We have a fine selection committee ready to review the nominations–you can see all the details about who is on this group and the criteria for the award on the INANE web site.  Or if you have a fabulous nominee and are ready to get this in by the deadline, you can go directly to the online nomination form!  Just remember that the deadline is just a few days away: Tuesday, April 15!

And now there is another opportunity open for participation in the annual conference this year! You can contribute cases for two interactive sessions that will be featured on the program in August:

  • An interactive Workshop on Open Access Issues for Editors and Publishers, Tuesday, Aug 5 from 10 am to 11 am, facilitated by Jeffrey Beall and Carolyn Yucha.
  • A Formal COPE Forum, Tuesday Aug 5 from 3:10 pm to 4 pm, facilitated by Geri Pearson and Charon Pierson.

case-study-ImageEven if you cannot be at the conference, we welcome everyone who has an interesting case either of these areas to submit your case for discussion! We want real cases (fictionalized if needed to protect identities).  Your case will go directly to the facilitators of the interactive sessions; they will organize the session so that each case is discussed by a smaller group of participants, who then report to the larger group the outcome of their discussion.

Your submission will need to include a description of the situation and the dilemma that it presents, as well as specific questions and issues you want the group to consider in addressing your case. You do not need to include your own “solution” or “answer;” focus on the quandary that the situation brings up for all of us involved in publishing nursing literature.  COPE has posted over 400 cases on the web–you can browse these if you need inspiration! Open Access cases will be similar in format, but focusing on the issues that erupting to the surface with the current flood of new open access publishing models and initiatives.  

Visit the INANE2014 web site for general information about these two sessions, This opportunity is open until July 1, 2014–so you have time to pinpoint interesting, real-life cases from your own experience, and submit them for discussion at the conference!  Check out the online submission form for each type of case now to see how easy it will be to send in your case:

Many issues we face as editors and publishers have no easy, simple “answers” so this is always a terrific opportunity to explore the complex issues involved, learn some facts and “best practices” around these issues, and consider alternative approaches to difficult situations!  So send us your cases!!  You have until July 1 – but don’t wait!  Send your cases in any time!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

Countdown! Two Deadlines Looming

The remaining 17 days of 2014 are packed with stuff to do, places to go, and people to see!  But for INANE members…there are two items to add — the early bird registration for our dynamite 2014 conference, and getting your abstract in to add to our dynamite program!  Both of these deadlines are coming up on December 31st.

missed-deadline-278x300First–abstracts!  INANE is just about the only place where nursing editors can show off the great things we are doing–and our audience actually appreciates what we are talking about! Editing is a highly specialized, and now high-tech skill, and it takes most of us several years to become proficient.  And, there is always something new to learn.  So take this opportunity to share!  We have two kinds of opportunities…posters (which have become very popular over the past few years) and breakout sessions.  Don’t miss this deadline–it is December 31st!  All the details are here, including a link to the online application form!

The second December 31st deadline is early bird registration.  Of course you can register after this deadline–the big deal about the early bird deadline is that you save $100 over the regular registration rate (from January 1 through April 30), and $200 over the late rate (from May 1 until our registration limit is reached).  The registration form will be inactive for about 12 hours early on January 1 due to time needed to reset the form for the regular rate, so if you want to take advantage of this early bird rate, do it before New Year’s Eve in your time zone!  Notice that we do have a registration limit. The Regency Hotel is a boutique venue and the the conference rooms have a capacity limit–that limit is higher than we have ever had for an INANE conference, but not by much!  We expect a great turnout for this conference, so we just might reach the point of closing registration earlier than usual. Note–you must register in advance to attend INANE. There will be no on-site registration.  Thus another reason to submit your registration in as soon as you can!

Questions along the way?  Just use our handy feedback form…we will get back to you right away!

Leslie will be posting before the end of the month but I am done for 2013. I send everyone my very best wishes for a safe and peaceful holiday season and a very, very happy New Year!