Suzanne Smith Awards

Updated: September 20, 2013

Suzanne Smith, on the left, with Sandy Kasko and Jenn Brogan at INANE 2011 in San Francisco

Suzanne Smith, on the left, with Sandy Kasko and Jenn Brogan at INANE 2011 in San Francisco

All of us in INANE were shocked this morning when we learned of the unexpected death of long-time INANE member, Suzanne Smith at her home in Florida. As emails flashed around the globe, many people were asking, “What can we do? How can we remember Suzanne?”

As I looked at this website for INANE 2014, I realized we had an immediate and tangible way to remember Suzanne: through the fund that had been set up to create awards for people to attend INANE 2014.

Suzanne was on the planning committee for INANE 2014. I first came up with the idea for this fund and awards when another influential nursing editor and colleague, Donna Diers, died earlier in 2013. At first Suzanne was lukewarm about the idea but through conversation and discussion, she came to realize that awards of this nature were a wonderful thing for INANE to do. Her approach was so reflective of the Suzanne I know and love: approach cautiously, think deeply, and when on board, embrace completely. Her full acknowledgement of the awards came just this week when she made a donation to the fund in honor of her mother.

When I think of Suzanne, I think of a mentor and friend. I have seen those words repeated many times today, thus the planning committee suggested the name, Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards. Mentorship was certainly a core value of Suzanne’s spirit and work. It is an honor to remember her this way. —LHN

About the Donation Fund and Awards:

SS_photoAt INANE, we are committed to supporting our future editors, authors, reviewers, and others who will be influential in creating and sharing nursing knowledge. As evidence of that commitment, we have created a fund to provide four people the opportunity to INANE 2014 in Portland, Maine with the registration cost deferred.

The awards, named after our colleague Suzanne Smith, will be funded by donations from friends, members, and supporters of INANE. Gifts of any amount are gratefully accepted. Our goal is to raise $2000 to offset the cost of registration for four recipients. Funds raised in excess of $2000 will be donated to the Planning Committee of INANE 2015 with an eye to sustain these awards in coming years.

Click here to donate to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund. Donations to this fund will be used to support the Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards in 2014 and beyond. If you would like to nominate yourself as a recipient, or nominate a colleague or protégé for an award, click here. Applications are due by February 1, 2014. Recipients will be announced on March 1, 2014. Donations to the development fund are ongoing and welcomed at any time. All donors will be listed here on the website (in the order gifts are received). In addition, all donors will receive a recognition ribbon to wear on their name badge at INANE 2014. Thank you in advance for your generous gift!

Note that the intention of this program is to support those who have an emerging interest in editing and publishing, such as very newly appointed editors attending INANE for the first time, peer reviewers, editorial board members, and authors. These awards are not intended for seasoned editors or publishers.

The fine print: Awards will be given as a complimentary registration to INANE 2014 (value: $495) which allows one individual (four total) to attend the three day INANE 2014 conference that will be held in Portland, Maine, August 4, 5, and 6, 2014. Registration includes attendance at all sessions, meals, breaks, and the Discover Portland Tour and Opening Reception. Optional activities, including the Cruise and Lobster Bake, Closing Luncheon, and Freeport Shopping Expedition are not included, although recipients are welcome to register for those events at their own expense. Award recipients are responsible for their own costs for travel, hotel, and incidentals. The actual number of awards given will be determined by funds raised. Award recipients will be selected by the planning committee for INANE 2014. Questions about this program should be directed to the committee chair, Leslie Nicoll: or by phone: 207-553-7750. You may also use the Feedback Form to send questions directly to Leslie.