Evaluations and Attendee Resources

The Planning Committee has worked hard to put together this year’s conference. We hope we have achieved our goal of having high quality speakers presenting on a variety of topics. Were we successful? We’ll never know without your feedback. Evaluation is an integral part of any conference and INANE is no exception.

We have developed evaluation forms for all of the speakers and sessions, as well as an overall general evaluation for feedback on conference planning and implementation. A link to each form is included on the page for the session on this website as well as in Guidebook. However, to facilitate access (and hopefully increase the response rate), links to all the evaluation forms are also included here.

As part of our initiative for a paperless INANE, there are no paper evaluation forms. All feedback is done through these forms. Thank you in advance for your comments and taking the time to share your thoughts. Your input is valued and appreciated.

General Conference Overall Evaluation

Keynote and General Sessions:

Breakout Sessions:

Poster Sessions: Overall Evaluation of the Posters