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Looking Ahead!

In just one short week many of us will be making our way up the U.S. east coast to Portland, Maine to attend the 33rd annual INANE conference!  It promises to be a fabulous  event – thanks to the dedication of Leslie Nicoll, our host, our planning group, and so many others who have contributed to what we are doing now and whose unwavering volunteersefforts laid a strong foundation on which to build! Together we all make INANE “happen!”

At the business meeting in Portland, we will create the structure for all that will be unfolding beyond the conference in Portland, Maine, but we want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity now to participate, and become a part of a volunteer team! Here are the groups we are organizing:

  • Internet Services Workgroup – we would like to add 3 to 4 people to assist with this work which includes updating the website, writing blog posts, and coordinating social media, including our Facebook page and Twitter feed. A new task will be helping with keeping the Directory of Nursing Journals, introduced earlier this month, updated and properly vetted.
  • INANE 2015 Planning Committee – general all purpose help with planning the conference.  We already have several volunteers, including Leslie Nicoll and Peggy Chinn from the 2014 group, Gary Bell who will be hosting the 2016 conference in London, Jillian Inouye who is assisting with local Las Vegas details, and Denise Tyler who will be working with abstract committee.  If you want to join this core planning group, let us know!
  • 2015 Abstracts Committee – this group will organize the call for abstracts for posters and breakout sessions, review submissions, make decisions regarding sessions, notify speakers, finalize the program with the session information, and be in touch with the speakers to coordinate their presentations as the time of the conference draws near.
  • Suzanne Smith Development Fund and Mentoring Editors Awards Committee (Leslie to chair) – this group will organize the process for receiving submissions for the awards, review and select winners, notify winners (and those not selected), get photos, publicize the winners, and so on. The committee will also oversee the Suzanne Smith Development Fund and create a process for ongoing donations to the fund plus disbursement of funds to support the Mentoring Editors Awards.
  • Margaret Comerford Freda Leadership Award committee – (transition from Shawn Kennedy as 2014 Chair) – this group will organize the process for receiving nominations for the award, review and select the winner, notify the winner (and those not selected), finalize details of the award, and plan for presentation at INANE 2015. The group will also have preliminary conversations of financial support of the award beyond 2016.

If you have other ideas or ways you would like to be involved, please send a message through the Feedback Form. INANE works because of our true spirit of volunteerism and the dedication of all involved with our organization.

See you soon!


for the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl and honoring the memory of our colleague, Suzanne Smith.


Raffle to Benefit Internet Services Workgroup

Hello Friends!

We are just over 2 weeks away from the 2014 INANE conference in beautiful Portland, Maine!  But never fear, this blog will continue to be active as the date draws closer. During the conference we will have live bloggers sharing the conference “happenings” right on the spot! However, here is one conference “happening” that you will not see on the program … but it definitely is happening … a raffle to benefit the Internet Services Workgroup!

Custom INANE tote with goodies that have been received so far!

Way back in 2011 in San Francisco, we passed a hat to collect money to support the work of the Internet Services Workgroup. People were very generous but it is time to once again raise some money for the Internet Resources for INANE. We could pass the hat but we decided, instead, to make this a bit more interesting for everyone! We have ordered a very special L.L. Bean Collectible Boat and Tote Bag that will be filled will a variety of incredible donations from very generous people and businesses. The tote bag is one-of-a kind–it will be the only one in existence–with green handles and customized INANE 2014 Logo!! Wow! Who wouldn’t want to win this?

Items that will be tucked inside the bag include:

  • The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber, donated by the Hachette Book Group ($27)
  • For All of Us, One Today by Richard Blanco, donated by Beacon Press ($15)
  • The Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses (2nd ed.), by Cynthia Saver, donated by the author ($45)
  • Writing for Publication in Nursing (2nd ed.) by Marilyn Oermann and Judith Hays, donated by Marilyn Oermann ($55)
  • On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft by Maine author Stephen King, donated by Jean Proehl  ($19)
  • A Kindle Paperwhite with a pink Paperwhite cover, donated by Leslie Nicoll ($160)
  • Kindle Paperwhite for Dummies (2nd ed.), by Leslie Nicoll, donated by the author ($17)
  • One year complimentary subscription to Advances in Nursing Science, donated by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins ($130)
  • Pack of 4 note cards with illustrations by Maine artist Eric Hopkins, donated by the Planning Committee ($24)
  • $25.00 L.L. Bean Gift Card, donated by Peggy Chinn ($25)
  • $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card, donated by Margaret Freda ($25)
  • $25.00 Amazon Gift Card, donated by Lisa Marshall ($25)
  • One bottle of wine, donated by Shawn Kennedy ($20)
  • One jar of homemade strawberry jam, donated by Leslie Nicoll (priceless!)
  • A whimsical lobster bottle of wine, donated by Jean Proehl (priceless!)
  • A facsimile of the very first edition of AJN from October 1900, donated by Shawn Kennedy (priceless!)

Total value of the bag and contents:  $627 + invaluable priceless items! And between now and August 3rd, when raffle tickets go on sale, we may have a few more donations for the bag. Keep your eyes peeled!

Close up of the custom logo!

Raffle tickets will be on sale at the registration desk for INANE 2014 beginning on August 3rd. The drawing will be held at breakfast on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. The winner (or a designated proxy) must be present to win. Tickets will be $10 each or 3 for $25. As with any raffle, cash is king, so bring along a few ten and five dollar bills to buy a ticket or three and put your name in the basket. Proceeds go to a great cause that benefits all of us and the winner gets a fabulous prize!

With this, I remain your very excited INANE 2014 blogger! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Portland in just a few weeks!

Peggy Chinn

Along with the very enthusiastic Planning Committee members: Leslie Nicoll (chair), Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, and Jean Proehl




Looking back and planning forward

We are now six weeks away from our 2014 conference!  Whether you are able to join us or not, please consider submitting cases for our interactive discussion sessions! There will be two sessions: one on open access publishing, and the other will be a formal COPE forum meeting-300for review of publishing ethics cases. Visit the “Case Submission” page to see details, and to share your cases.  We will make sure that everyone gets a report of these discussions on this blog, so be sure to follow this blog to get the live updates from the conference.  You will be able to also enter the discussion with your comments and ideas as the live blogs appear!

Part of the conference will be our traditional non-business meeting! The 2013-14 Web report will be open for discussion, but the most important part of the report is how people can be involved with the re-designed web resources that Leslie and I have developed over the past year.  I am also posting the report on the INANE web site, where you can use the contact form to let us know how you would like to be involved!  Here are the opportunities:


  •  Web site management – we are seeking one to two people to participate! The tasks involved include:
    • Periodic review of home page and “about INANE” content for currency and accuracy,
    • Management of “networking” forms and the content generated when these forms are completed
    • Ongoing development of the “resources” section
  • Facebook content/photograph management – we need at least one person for this fun job! Facebook provides a nice way to organize photos into albums. A number of pictures were uploaded during the website transition. We’d like to recruit a photo archivist to upload pictures, maintain the albums, and identify/label the people in the photos.
  • Bloggers – we need one to three people to form a blogging team, with scheduled times for each person on the team to post on the blog so that our blog has regular posts on a variety of topics.

The conference of course is an annual event that brings together those who are able to be there.  But now our web resources are developing in ways that make it possible to connect in meaningful ways even we cannot be tougher face to face.  So join in and participate as much as you can!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

Some Things Change, and Some Things Stay the Same!

Hello everyone!

We are now only two and a half months away from the INANE conference in Portland, Maine.  All of us on the planning committee are very excited about this conference for many reasons–a major one being that we have accomplished an ambitious goal to have a near-paperless conference! Name tags and signage in the hotel will still be on paper, but that is just about it. We are using a number of interesting innovations and apps to make the conference accessible to everyone but keep the paper to a minimum. For those who are curious:

  • Wufoo — an online form builder, Wufoo is powering all the forms on the INANE website, including the registration, case submission, and (upcoming), conference evaluations.
  • Guidebook — a mobile app to put the entire conference in the palm of your hand. Guidebook has a new web app, too! Check it out here. If you need the code to view the app, contact Leslie. It is available to registered attendees only.
  • WordPress — for our website and blog.
  • Stripe — for online, secure credit card processing.
  • zKipter — conference check-in via iPads. Wait until you see it in action!

060613-waukegan-paperlessIn a significant way, we returned to an early INANE planning process this year. Suzanne Smith, who was actively involved in planning this conference at the early stages, encouraged us to take the process of planning and implementation back to the roots…doing it all ourselves without institutional or corporate partners for planning and implementation. (Note that we are very grateful to our sponsors for their financial support!). Suzanne assured us we could do this because she and Margaret Freda and others had done it before. We took Suzanne’s words to heart and have created this year’s INANE with just the efforts of our planning committee.  In other contexts, of course, hosts may want and need various forms of institutional support, but we have now developed valuable tools (many for little or no cost) so that many elements of hosting a conference can be done efficiently and easily by a small group of volunteers.

Underneath this very progressive paperless move, the conference will still “look and feel” very much like INANE conferences of years past. We know how important tradition is to INANE members! There will be lots of time for interaction and socializing, interesting and timely topics in both the general and the break-out sessions, and of course, our annual business meeting–or “non” business meeting, as some of us like to say.

When you combine the use of technologic tools and the internet in place of paper, and the traditional features involved in INANE conferences, what we have for 2014 is a conference that everyone can benefit from and enjoy, even from afar. As you probably already know, this web site shows all of the events that are scheduled at the conference. If you are not able to attend, watch this space for real-time reports from the field!  We plan to have on-stie reporters/bloggers who will share what is happening at the conference as it happens.  And regardless of where you are, you can comment, send in your questions, suggestions, and ideas that occur to you as you read the reports. And for those who are so inclined, consider this an invitation to serve as a live blogger who will post updates from the conference. If you are interested in doing this–trust me, it’s easy and fun–send a message via the Feedback Page and Leslie or I will get you set up. Thanks in advance!

graphics-agenda-603334Our business meeting is one feature that everyone can participate in, even starting right at this moment!  Take a minute to review the planned agenda.  You can use the comments on the meeting page to share your ideas for discussion. Notice that there is one item on the agenda that is always there…deciding the location of future INANE conferences.  If you are inspired to volunteer as a host, let us know.  If you have questions about what might be involved before you volunteer, please contact us!  We on the 2014 planning group are eager to share our experience and our new-found expertise, and will provide tons of support and ideas.  INANE will be in Las Vegas in 2015, and Carolyn Yucha already has a planning committee, the venue, and some preliminary speakers. As is our tradition, Carolyn will be presenting a tantalizing slide show during the closing breakfast on Wednesday August 6th as the official invitation to attend INANE 2015. In 2016 the conference will be in London, and Gary Bell will have a report on the early plans for that conference to share with us in August. It is not too early to start planning for 2017 and 2018 and we will need to decide on locations for those meetings–and maybe even beyond!  The earlier you start, the easier it is. Remember, Leslie volunteered Portland as a site at the 2011 meeting in San Francisco.

So regardless of your ability to be “on site” in Maine, let us hear from you!  This is a conference for all INANE members!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl (and even Suzanne, who is still with us in spirit!).

Cases, Quandaries, and Opportunities!


tax-filing-deadline-hs-companiesI hope that all of us well-organized editor and publisher types are well ahead of the big US tax deadline that looms every year on April 15th, because we have an April 15th deadline of our own: nominations for the MCF Leadership Award for Excellence in Nursing Publication.  We have a fine selection committee ready to review the nominations–you can see all the details about who is on this group and the criteria for the award on the INANE web site.  Or if you have a fabulous nominee and are ready to get this in by the deadline, you can go directly to the online nomination form!  Just remember that the deadline is just a few days away: Tuesday, April 15!

And now there is another opportunity open for participation in the annual conference this year! You can contribute cases for two interactive sessions that will be featured on the program in August:

  • An interactive Workshop on Open Access Issues for Editors and Publishers, Tuesday, Aug 5 from 10 am to 11 am, facilitated by Jeffrey Beall and Carolyn Yucha.
  • A Formal COPE Forum, Tuesday Aug 5 from 3:10 pm to 4 pm, facilitated by Geri Pearson and Charon Pierson.

case-study-ImageEven if you cannot be at the conference, we welcome everyone who has an interesting case either of these areas to submit your case for discussion! We want real cases (fictionalized if needed to protect identities).  Your case will go directly to the facilitators of the interactive sessions; they will organize the session so that each case is discussed by a smaller group of participants, who then report to the larger group the outcome of their discussion.

Your submission will need to include a description of the situation and the dilemma that it presents, as well as specific questions and issues you want the group to consider in addressing your case. You do not need to include your own “solution” or “answer;” focus on the quandary that the situation brings up for all of us involved in publishing nursing literature.  COPE has posted over 400 cases on the web–you can browse these if you need inspiration! Open Access cases will be similar in format, but focusing on the issues that erupting to the surface with the current flood of new open access publishing models and initiatives.  

Visit the INANE2014 web site for general information about these two sessions, This opportunity is open until July 1, 2014–so you have time to pinpoint interesting, real-life cases from your own experience, and submit them for discussion at the conference!  Check out the online submission form for each type of case now to see how easy it will be to send in your case:

Many issues we face as editors and publishers have no easy, simple “answers” so this is always a terrific opportunity to explore the complex issues involved, learn some facts and “best practices” around these issues, and consider alternative approaches to difficult situations!  So send us your cases!!  You have until July 1 – but don’t wait!  Send your cases in any time!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

Nominations are Open for the Margaret Comerford Freda Leadership Award

Happy March 15th, the Ides of March!

Margaret Comerford Freda

Margaret Comerford Freda

The nomination and selection process for the Margaret Comerford Freda Leadership Award is now open.  This award was established in 2012 to recognize outstanding achievement or contributions by an editor in pursuit of excellence in nursing publication. The award was established in honor of Dr. Freda because of her distinguished career as Editor-in-Chief of MCN: The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, her active leadership role in INANE, her research and publications on the editorial role, and her tireless efforts on behalf of editors resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of nursing journals included by Thompson-Reuters in the “impact factor” rating process.

Shawn Kennedy, Editor of the American Journal of Nursing, is chairing the selection committee for this year’s award.  The committee has announced the process and the criteria for nominations. Nominations are open until April 15, 2014.  Please consider nominating a deserving colleague for this award!  Visit the Award Page on the INANE Web site where you can see the criteria for this nomination and complete instructions for submitting your nomination using our online form.

Top-Secret2The MCF Leadership Award will be presented on Tuesday, August 5 at 8 am at INANE 2014 in Portland, Maine. The name of the award winner will be top secret until the announcement on Tuesday morning. Let me use this as a gentle reminder to register for this year’s conference–it is going to be superb in so many ways. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Suzanne Smith

On Tuesday morning, we also will be recognizing four recipients of the Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards. This award is named in honor of our late colleague Suzanne Smith to honor her legacy of mentoring new editors and authors.  The award  provides the cost of registration at our conference for four individuals who are beginning their careers as nursing journal editors. The recipients of this award, who will all be in attendance at our 2014 conference, have been announced and introduced on the INANE Web site!

The Mentoring Editors Awards are supported by donations to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund. We are very grateful to all who have donated to support this initiative. In recent weeks, there has been an upsurge in giving with donations from many of Suzanne’s family members, close friends, and professional colleagues. I can safely say that funds secured to date will allow us to continue this program for the next several years, ensuring that Suzanne’s memory will live on in INANE. All donors are listed at the bottom of every page on this website. Please consider a donation in memory of Suzanne, or to recognize and honor another colleague. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

Venturing Around Town and Beyond – Maine Day Trips!


Being the good nurses that we are, I suspect that when most of us attend a conference, we dutifully attend all the conference sessions that we can manage, meet up with a few friends and acquaintances (there is never time to see everyone), and then leave just in time to make it home for the next event on our busy calendars–all without seeing anything beyond the four walls of the hotel and the sights to and from the airport from the windows of the hotel shuttle!

c1624But this year’s INANE conference in August could be different!  Here is the perfect opportunity for a blend of work and fun…a lovely New England setting at the peak of ideal summer weather (not too hot, not too cold–just right!) and a host of things to see and do, many of them off the beaten track. To heighten the fun, Leslie and the Planning Committee have arranged a special opportunity for INANE attendees with Norm Forgey of Maine Day Trip: personalized guided tours for you and your traveling companions. Your trip can take any direction at any pace you wish! Norm is reserving the dates from Saturday, August 2nd, through Thursday, August 7th exclusively for us. Whether you are flying to Portland, or taking the bus or train–here’s your chance to forego a rental car and see a bit more of this beautiful state beyond the environs of the city of Portland. Make a reservation and Norm will meet you at the entrance of the Regency Hotel for a total day of fun, sightseeing, and relaxation!

Norm Forgey, founder and owner of Maine Day Trip

Norm Forgey, founder and owner of Maine Day Trip

You may notice that Norm’s trips are available before and after INANE as well as throughout the time that our exciting and irresistible conference will be happening. For conference participants, I am sure you will not be inclined to take off for a day trip during this time (see paragraph one if you don’t believe me!). But if you have others traveling with you who are not attending the conference, this is a perfect opportunity for them to get out and about. Norm will schedule trips for groups of one to ten people and create the itinerary based on folks’ interests.

The challenge is that our companions often do not know anyone else, but might appreciate connecting with others to share a day of adventure. And, you might be interested in connecting with other INANE folks for a day trip before or after our conference. You can contact Norm and tell him: 1) day you want to tour; 2) number of people; and 3) what you’d like to see. He’ll create tours based on the input he receives and confirm directly with you when the planning is finalized.

Note that this is a little different from the way Norm usually schedules his trips, but he is willing to be flexible to offer the maximum number of attendees and friends a great day trip. For another way to connect with others about planning and gauge interest about dates and itineraries, consider leaving a comment on this post. Either way, remember that your perfect off-site adventure awaits! Visit our Traveling Further Afield page now to start planning!


A journalist’s hotel room in Sochi

I’ve been watching the Olympics and had a good laugh at some of the horror stories about hotel accommodations for journalists. I haven’t been to the Regency (yet) but Leslie assures me that all the hotel rooms have desks big enough for computers and the water that comes out of the tap is clear, fresh, and safe for bathing, drinking, and brushing your teeth! If you haven’t do so yet, take this as a reminder to register for the conference, reserve your hotel room, and make your travel plans to Portland. The regular registration rate is in effect for another ten weeks so don’t delay. It will go up by $100 on May 1st. I suspect by that time the Casco Bay Cruise and Lobster Bake will be sold out and the best hotel rooms will be reserved. Don’t wait too long and be disappointed!

I look forward to seeing my colleagues in Portland in August. It’s going to be a terrific conference!


For the Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall and Jean Proehl

Developing Editors – You Can Be Part of This Legacy!


Rheba de Tornyay

Yesterday I received the email notice announcing the publication of the January issue of the Journal of Nursing Education, in which Christine Tanner pays tribute to the amazing legacy of Rheba de Tornyay, who served as Editor of JNE from 1985 to 1991.  Dr. de Tornyay’s accomplishments and contributions to nursing are remarkable, many of which Chris describes in her tribute.  But as Rheba’s successor as Editor of JNE, Chris provides a glimpse into the lasting significance of having a committed mentor.  I know that most of us who now serve as Editors have wonderful stories about those who shepherded our entry in to this rewarding role, and as participants in INANE activities we have all benefited from opportunities to learn from one another and gain collective wisdom in our quest for quality in nursing journal publication.


Suzanne Smith

Recognizing the vital importance of mentoring in INANE, the 2014 planning committee established the Mentoring Editors Awards to fund attendance at the conference for up to four new nursing journal editors or those with an emerging interest in editing and publishing. This award was conceived early on, when Suzanne Smith was part of our planning activities.  Suzanne, who is remembered for her crucial and important roles as mentor for a host of authors, reviewers, and journal editors, was skeptical at first (as was her nature) but once she thought about the purpose and concept of the awards, became very excited. Our first application for the award came in very early (August). Suzanne had the opportunity to read the application and she was enthusiastic and commented, in an email to the planning committee, “This is exactly the kind of person I want to support for this award!”  She made a donation (in honor of her mom)  to the fund that was established to support the awards and then, in an eerie twist of fate, died three days later. Those of us on the planning committee immediately realized that one way we could honor Suzanne’s memory would be to re-name the award and development fund in her honor: Suzanne Smith Development Fund and Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards.

3_39442_38091_Name-Badge-Ribbons-H1-DONOR-DONOR_LargeReading the tribute to Rheba reminds me how important it is to remember those who have offered so much! You can be part of this legacy in two ways. The funding of the awards will come from our contributions.  Even if you cannot attend the conference, please consider contributing to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund.  In addition, you can nominate yourself or someone else for the award.  If you know of someone who is deserving of the award–an aspiring or emerging author–please consider a nomination. The deadline is February 1st–just two weeks from now.

Award-winner-iconThere is no deadline for making a donation to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund!  To our knowledge, no other fund has been created to honor Suzanne’s memory and contributions to nursing and in particular, dissemination of nursing knowledge through scholarly publications. We are proud to be torch-bearers and leaders in creating this lasting legacy to Suzanne’s memory. The plan is to continue beyond 2014–monies raises will be dedicated to this cause for the 2015 conference and beyond. Please visit the web page for the fund now–you can make your donation online at any time!  You can designate your contribution in memory of, or in honor of another person you wish to acknowledge; your contribution will be listed on the web site along with the name of the person you are honoring. All contributions will be recognized on the website and individual donors will be recognized and acknowledged at INANE 2014. Your donation is important and appreciated.

Thank you for your support of our future editors through your donation to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund. And for those who aspire to editing or disseminating nursing knowledge, please take a minute to apply for a Mentoring Editors Award. Remember, the deadline is February 1, 2014.


For the Planning Commitee: Leslie Nicoll (chair), Margaret Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

Countdown! Two Deadlines Looming

The remaining 17 days of 2014 are packed with stuff to do, places to go, and people to see!  But for INANE members…there are two items to add — the early bird registration for our dynamite 2014 conference, and getting your abstract in to add to our dynamite program!  Both of these deadlines are coming up on December 31st.

missed-deadline-278x300First–abstracts!  INANE is just about the only place where nursing editors can show off the great things we are doing–and our audience actually appreciates what we are talking about! Editing is a highly specialized, and now high-tech skill, and it takes most of us several years to become proficient.  And, there is always something new to learn.  So take this opportunity to share!  We have two kinds of opportunities…posters (which have become very popular over the past few years) and breakout sessions.  Don’t miss this deadline–it is December 31st!  All the details are here, including a link to the online application form!

The second December 31st deadline is early bird registration.  Of course you can register after this deadline–the big deal about the early bird deadline is that you save $100 over the regular registration rate (from January 1 through April 30), and $200 over the late rate (from May 1 until our registration limit is reached).  The registration form will be inactive for about 12 hours early on January 1 due to time needed to reset the form for the regular rate, so if you want to take advantage of this early bird rate, do it before New Year’s Eve in your time zone!  Notice that we do have a registration limit. The Regency Hotel is a boutique venue and the the conference rooms have a capacity limit–that limit is higher than we have ever had for an INANE conference, but not by much!  We expect a great turnout for this conference, so we just might reach the point of closing registration earlier than usual. Note–you must register in advance to attend INANE. There will be no on-site registration.  Thus another reason to submit your registration in as soon as you can!

Questions along the way?  Just use our handy feedback form…we will get back to you right away!

Leslie will be posting before the end of the month but I am done for 2013. I send everyone my very best wishes for a safe and peaceful holiday season and a very, very happy New Year!


Six more weeks for abstract submission and early bird registration!

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 is only six weeks away – always an intensely packed time frame.  So we want to get a bit ahead of the distractions of the holidays to remind you about our INANE 2014 end-of-year deadlines.

submit-abstract-news1First, are abstract submissions, due by January 1, 2014.  We already have several submissions, so if you want to have your idea considered for the program, head on over to the “Abstract submission” page and fill out the online form! Please take a minute to do so so you can share your editing innovations with your INANE colleagues next summer.

And, in the next six weeks, until the end of this year, you too can be an early bird registrant for the conference.  This means that you can register for only $395, compared to the mid-range price of $495 (from January 1 – April 30) and the full price of $595 (after April 30).

This saving is impressive if you only look at the numbers, but consider all that INANE 2014 registration offers!

  • Attendance at all Keynote, Breakout, and Poster Sessions.
  • Access to all password protected online resources for the conference: PDFs, presentations, evaluation forms, and more.
  • Access to the Guidebook mobile app–all participants will have the full conference program, info on speakers, and more in the palm of their hand.
  • Discover Portland Tour and Opening Reception (8/4/2014).
  • Continental breakfast, plated lunch, and breaks on Tuesday (8/5/2014).
  • Hot plated breakfast and breaks on Wednesday (8/6/2014).
  • Name badge and LL Bean tote bag embroidered with INANE 2014 logo.

The planning committee has a dynamite lineup for the plenary sessions.  The first plenary session features Jeffrey Beall, who writes the essential blog that many of us follow, Scholarly Open Access. Our own Carolyn Yucha (editor Biological Research for Nursing) joins Jeffrey with a unique nursing perspective on the rise of predatory publishing initiatives aimed at nurses.

The other major plenary session features Charles Graeber, author of “The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder” and Diana Mason, former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Nursing and founder of the Center for Health Media Policy.  Diana served as a consultant in the preparation of “The Good Nurse,” and they will be discussing the process of writing and publishing this book, as well as implications and challenges that writers and journal editors face for responsible reporting on healthcare.

We on the planning team are very excited about this conference, and we know that this will be an outstanding conference!  You won’t want to miss this one, so consider taking advantage of the early bird registration now, and consider submitting your abstract for the program!


Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll (chair), Peggy Chinn, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl