Meet my Maine men!

Hello everyone and welcome from me to INANE in Maine! I am Jackie Owens, editor of OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. I will be live blogging during the conference and hope some of you can follow my adventures. I’m fairly new to blogging, and due to a tech glitch, missed yesterday – so tonight’s post is a two-in-one event.

I like to take photos, so hope to add some visuals to my posts as I can. My first pic is to introduce you to my Maine men. My husband is with me. You’ll likely meet him later. But also with me are my lobster, Longfellow, and my moose, Marley. I did a bit of reading up on the state before my arrival (see photo), and decided to name them after a few famous Mainers!

image image

We have already had a few preconference adventures, including a trip to L.L. Bean (don’t worry, I left a few things for those of you headed there on Wednesday). We also enjoyed a lovely ride today on a vintage train from Brunswick to Rockland, complete with a visit to the Maine Lobster Festival! Here’s a photo of my husband’s lunch, a lobster roll, and one of Longfellow and Marley enjoying the Maine coastal scenery with me.

image image


I have been eager to visit Maine for some time, so am thrilled for an INANE conference in Portland! A great time already – how about that wonderful L.L. Bean tote! Clearly Leslie and the conference planning team have left no stones unturned to make it yet another great year! I am ready to rest up for tomorrow’s activities, but before I go, if you haven’t checked out the Guidebook option to track the conference activities, I highly recommend it. One less paper with your sessions scribbled on it stuffed in the back of your name badge holder!

Hoping to see some good friends, and make some new ones!



2 thoughts on “Meet my Maine men!

  1. Thank you, Jackie! I love seeing Marley and Longfellow enjoying the scenery. I am eager to learn more about your train trip today…you said it was a 1946 vintage car? So very cool.
    INANE 2014 seems to be off to a great start. Looking forward to hearing more stories and seeing all my friends, both new and old!

    • Our car to Rockland was built in 1946. A few Art Deco touches, but a car for the masses so not fancy. Still charming. On the return we sat in the Penobscot Bay car, a restored vintage dining car. Lovely – although I did not dine on my corn chowder as intended (see my recent post). 🙂

      Train usually just goes Brunswick to Portland and back for a relaxing ride on a vintage train, the Maine Eastern. That was our plan but when I booked online the ticket agent called and informed us about extended hours for the Lobster Festival weekend. Even the shorter regular option would be a relaxing trip for train buffs. Jackie

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