Developing Editors – You Can Be Part of This Legacy!


Rheba de Tornyay

Yesterday I received the email notice announcing the publication of the January issue of the Journal of Nursing Education, in which Christine Tanner pays tribute to the amazing legacy of Rheba de Tornyay, who served as Editor of JNE from 1985 to 1991.  Dr. de Tornyay’s accomplishments and contributions to nursing are remarkable, many of which Chris describes in her tribute.  But as Rheba’s successor as Editor of JNE, Chris provides a glimpse into the lasting significance of having a committed mentor.  I know that most of us who now serve as Editors have wonderful stories about those who shepherded our entry in to this rewarding role, and as participants in INANE activities we have all benefited from opportunities to learn from one another and gain collective wisdom in our quest for quality in nursing journal publication.


Suzanne Smith

Recognizing the vital importance of mentoring in INANE, the 2014 planning committee established the Mentoring Editors Awards to fund attendance at the conference for up to four new nursing journal editors or those with an emerging interest in editing and publishing. This award was conceived early on, when Suzanne Smith was part of our planning activities.  Suzanne, who is remembered for her crucial and important roles as mentor for a host of authors, reviewers, and journal editors, was skeptical at first (as was her nature) but once she thought about the purpose and concept of the awards, became very excited. Our first application for the award came in very early (August). Suzanne had the opportunity to read the application and she was enthusiastic and commented, in an email to the planning committee, “This is exactly the kind of person I want to support for this award!”  She made a donation (in honor of her mom)  to the fund that was established to support the awards and then, in an eerie twist of fate, died three days later. Those of us on the planning committee immediately realized that one way we could honor Suzanne’s memory would be to re-name the award and development fund in her honor: Suzanne Smith Development Fund and Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards.

3_39442_38091_Name-Badge-Ribbons-H1-DONOR-DONOR_LargeReading the tribute to Rheba reminds me how important it is to remember those who have offered so much! You can be part of this legacy in two ways. The funding of the awards will come from our contributions.  Even if you cannot attend the conference, please consider contributing to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund.  In addition, you can nominate yourself or someone else for the award.  If you know of someone who is deserving of the award–an aspiring or emerging author–please consider a nomination. The deadline is February 1st–just two weeks from now.

Award-winner-iconThere is no deadline for making a donation to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund!  To our knowledge, no other fund has been created to honor Suzanne’s memory and contributions to nursing and in particular, dissemination of nursing knowledge through scholarly publications. We are proud to be torch-bearers and leaders in creating this lasting legacy to Suzanne’s memory. The plan is to continue beyond 2014–monies raises will be dedicated to this cause for the 2015 conference and beyond. Please visit the web page for the fund now–you can make your donation online at any time!  You can designate your contribution in memory of, or in honor of another person you wish to acknowledge; your contribution will be listed on the web site along with the name of the person you are honoring. All contributions will be recognized on the website and individual donors will be recognized and acknowledged at INANE 2014. Your donation is important and appreciated.

Thank you for your support of our future editors through your donation to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund. And for those who aspire to editing or disseminating nursing knowledge, please take a minute to apply for a Mentoring Editors Award. Remember, the deadline is February 1, 2014.


For the Planning Commitee: Leslie Nicoll (chair), Margaret Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl

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