November 1 update: Save Your Receipt!

Happy November Everyone,

First thing I need to say is, where did October go? Jeesh, that was a month that just flew by! Which reminds me that we are counting down to the deadline for conference abstracts and early bird registration. More about that in a minute because right now I want to say:

Save Your Receipt!

When you register for INANE, you will receive two email documents: 1) a confirmation of your registration, listing everything you have signed up for; and 2) an itemized receipt. I have recently learned that I can reproduce item 1 but I cannot reproduce item 2. Since the receipt includes monies paid, that is likely the necessary document that you will need for reimbursement, so I encourage you to print out the receipt and save the email.

clock-tickingThe accounting of all funds received is being carefully tracked and I can easily provide documentation of your total registration (and any amounts refunded)–I just can’t easily re-create the itemized receipt that is sent at the time of registration. So I just ask that everyone hold on to the email until after the conference. Thanks!

So, as noted above–there are just 2 months, or 8.5 weeks, or 60 days, or 1440 hours (choose your preferred metric) until December 31st–the deadline for early bird registration and submitting an abstract for a breakout or poster session. While 1440 hours might seem like ages, realize that time flies when you are having fun and before you know it, we’ll all be singing Auld Lang Syne. Since I don’t think anyone here wants to interrupt their New Year’s festivities to sit down and write an abstract for INANE, why don’t you do it now and cross that item off your to do list? Remember, a project doesn’t have to be complete to submit an abstract–if you have something underway that you think would be of interest to INANE attendees, write it up and send it in. Our goal is diversity and variety. We particularly encourage our international colleagues to participate!

One thing I want to bring to everyone’s attention: when you are submitting your abstract, we are asking that you include the abstract title, author(s)’ names, 250 word abstract, and references (if included) in the document that is uploaded as part of your submission. Please identify with an asterisk the author(s) who will be attending INANE. Remember, at least one person must be attending the conference to present a poster or breakout session. Click here to read the full instructions and upload an abstract.

For our monthly “by the numbers” summary:

  • 19 people have taken advantage of early bird registration;
  • 26 hotel rooms have been reserved;
  • 16 donors have contributed to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund, with a total of $1650 raised;
  • 6 abstracts have been submitted for breakouts or posters;
  • 4 entries for the Suzanne Smith Developing Editors Awards have been received;
  • 3 sponsors have pledged at the Platinum, Silver, and Corporate levels; and
  • For the website, we have had visitors from 28 countries with 4704 page views.

That’s it for now. I am working on an exciting innovation for our paperless conference but as details are not finalized, I must keep it under wraps for the moment. Maybe in a month or so I’ll have more to share. Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to 1) submit an abstract; 2) take advantage of early bird registration; and 3) SAVE YOUR RECEIPT! 🙂


for the planning committee: Peggy Chinn, Margaret Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall and, Jean Proehl

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