Linking past, present and future: the Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards

It is not yet a month since we learned of the unexpected death of Suzanne Smith, whose influence and presence in INANE has been vital for many years.  Suzanne was a member of our planning committee for the 2014 INANE conference and was involved in establishing a fund to support new and emerging nursing journal editors. We announced this fund on September 15th.  We announced her death on September 20th.


Suzanne Smith, 2011

Within hours of learning of her death, the 2014 conference planning group decided to name the fund in her honor, and our decision has been affirmed many times over by those who have  paid tribute to Suzanne on our blog. Over and over people have responded to our INANE blog paying tribute to Suzanne’s death, recounting their specific encounters with Suzanne and her significant influence in their career as a mentor when they were seeking to publish their work in nursing journals.

The Suzanne Smith Development Fund is growing, but we have not yet met our goal, which is to support four new or aspiring editors to attend the 2014 conference. If every INANE member contributed just $10, we would more than reach our goal!  But we hope that many  will contribute more, in the interest of establishing a lasting fund that we can draw on for years to come.

Suzanne’s death has reminded us of the importance of building a foundation for the future of nursing journals.  INANE is a significant element in that foundation, and this fund stands to assure the sustainability of our mission, which is to “promote best practices in publishing and high standards in the publishing of nursing journals, books, and Web-based literature.”

So head on over to our Suzanne Smith Development Fund page, and add your contribution to this important fund.  Your donation today, made in memory, or in honor of a significant person honors your past, and stands as a symbol of your support for the future excellence of nursing journals!

One other note: today, October 15th, marks the halfway point for two significant deadlines: we are halfway through the five month Call for Abstracts and also halfway through Early Bird Registration–both end on December 31, 2013. There are still 10 weeks before the end of the year, but we all know how things ramp up in November and December, with end-of-the-year deadlines and activities. If you are planning to attend INANE, take a minute to register. Likewise, if you are planning on submitting an abstract, don’t procrastinate and let the time get away. Remember, presentations and posters from members like you will make this conference a success. Don’t delay–register today!


Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll (Chair), Peggy Chinn, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, and Jean Proehl

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