October 1st update (one day late!)

Good morning INANE colleagues and friends!

Funtown imagesLast night I dreamt that our venue for INANE 2014 had transformed into a theme park. I was more than a little concerned that everyone’s attention was being distracted from the scientific sessions to the roller coaster! Fortunately, I don’t think the Regency is going to morph into Funtown USA in the next 10 months–but if anyone wants directions for a family outing, I am happy to help. 🙂

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I am still reeling from the news of Suzanne Smith’s death. I felt the loss quite keenly the other day when I thought, “I’ll just ask Suzanne about that,” and realized I couldn’t. However, I am proud of the way INANE has been able to respond quickly and respectfully to our collective loss. Her family is honored by the Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awards and Development Fund. We all believe this is an initiative that will continue into the future and will keep Suzanne’s legacy alive in INANE and the nursing community at large.

To date, we have received $875 for the Development Fund. Donors are recognized on every page of this website. If you would like to donate, click here. Payments are processed through Stripe; your credit card information is secure and safe. We have also received three applications for Mentoring Editors Awards. The deadline for applications is February 1st so there is plenty of time to apply, but nominations and applications are accepted at any time. If you are thinking of applying, or nominating a colleague, take advantage of the moment. No time like the present as my grandmother always said!

In the past month, we’ve also received two abstracts for poster/breakout sessions. Again, the deadline is December 31st but the call is open now. Projects do not need to be complete when you submit an abstract–they just need to be finished for your presentation next summer. More details can be found in this post at our Nursing Editors blog.

In other numbers, we have 16 early bird conference registrations, 22 hotel rooms reserved, and 21 people signed up for the cruise and lobster bake. Note that the cruise and lobster bake has an absolute maximum of 100 people–this is due to the size of the boat which is limited to 100 passengers. There is no flexibility on this: Coast Guard Regulations! This event will be a highlight so if you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t delay in submitting your registration.

That’s it for this moment–more updates in two weeks. If anyone has questions, send them to me through the Feedback Form and I’ll respond post haste.


Planning Committee: Leslie Nicoll, Peggy Chinn, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, and Jean Proehl.

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